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Moses Sumney


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Since emerging onto the music scene in 2014, Moses Sumney has ridden a wave of word-of-mouth praise, hushed recordings, and dynamic live performances. It’s an organic, patient ascent all too rare in today’s fast-paced musical climate. In a voice both mellifluous and haunting, Sumney makes future music that transforms classic tropes, like moon-colony choir reinterpretations of old jazz gems. His vocals narrate a personal journey through universal loneliness atop otherworldly compositional backdrops.

Following the self-release of his debut cassette EP, Mid-City Island, and 2015’s vinyl Seeds/Pleas, Sumney has performed around the world alongside artists such as David Byrne, Karen O, Sufjan Stevens, Solange, James Blake, and others. With Sumney’s 2016 Lamentations EP, the California- and Ghana-raised troubadour widened the spectrum of his “bedroom” music, incorporating songs that feature more elaborate production and evocative songwriting. Now, between three years of stops at distinguished festivals across the globe and artistic collaborations, Sumney has readied his proper full-length debut album, an intimate concept record about loveless-ness as a sonic dreamscape. His inspired ascent continues.

Moses Sumney has a voice that can melt hearts: a gently grainy tenor that often ascends into an immaculate, unearthly falsetto.

New York Times

Sumney, a self-taught singer, can squeeze his voice into a whispered falsetto and multiply it into a pleading choir; his songs defy verse-chorus-verse convention while incorporating R&B’s grooves and dreampop’s hazes, rumbling-stomach drones and robo-funk synths.

Rolling Stone

Moses Sumney has a gorgeous voice that is as intricate as it is intimate.


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