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The Quartetto Aires was born in 2014 from the common intent of four young musicians: Allesandro Ambrosi, Alex Modolo, Federico Zugno, and Mauro Scaggiante. They were curious to explore the overall music and the sound-expressive potentials of the accordion, a relatively new instrument whose popularity has been rapidly growing in the last decades.

The accordion has had its greatest diffusion in Italy, both in the manufacturing and the artistic field. Although its repertoire has grown considerably in recent years, it is still unknown to many audiences as an instrument that can deal with complex cultured music; in general, it is only recognized as an instrument for popular or folk music.

For this reason, the Aires Quartet has committed to expanding the repertoire of accordion music with the production of an “accordion-quartet literature” through direct collaboration with composers and the retrieval of past material adapted to express the greatest sound and music potential of the accordion.

Aires repertoire includes songs from baroque literature, such as the Concerto for Four Harpsichords in A Minor, as well as songs of more recent and internationally renowned composers, such as Mario Pagotto, Paolo Troncon, Tiziano Bedetti, Fabrizio Festa, and Simone Tonin.

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