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Albert Cummings

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A barrage of guitar pyrotechnics that calls to mind a grand mix of the styles of past masters like Albert King, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimi Hendrix.


The blues is best served up live, with an enthusiastic audience and a killin’ band, and that’s exactly what guitarist Albert Cummings does.

Guitar Edge

One thing has certainly become clear about Albert Cummings’s music: he is far more than simply the guitarist or the bluesman he’s often painted as by fans and the media alike. Cummings seeks to rise above these labels and be praised for the devotion to his overall craft as a true musician. His artistic integrity has allowed him to focus on the big picture, writing songs from the heart rather than catering to his specific strengths as a singer, guitarist, or bandleader (all of which he does impeccably).

Though undoubtedly a masterful guitar player—he burst onto the blues rock scene in the early 2000s and almost immediately began gaining praise in that realm—his latest release Live at the ’62 Center further portrays not only his versatility as singer/songwriter and live performer but as an artist first and foremost. This comes to fruition in the true spontaneity and creative spirit of the album. With longtime friend and Grammy-winner Jim Gaines behind the soundboard, what comes through in both sight and sound is an incredible journey into the live performance world and true artistry of one of today’s most seasoned musicians.

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