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The Alison Brown Quintet


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Like James Taylor’s voice or B.B. King’s guitar, Alison Brown’s banjo is an instrument possessed of a unique sonic signature and an inescapable beauty.


Banjo great Alison Brown . . . has pushed the boundaries of folk and bluegrass.

Rolling Stone

Banjoist Alison Brown shows a gentle heart as much as a mean three-finger roll on smooth forays into classical, jazz, and samba. . . . She honors her tradition even as she cultivates it.

Entertainment Weekly

Alison Brown doesn’t play the banjo. Alison Brown plays music on the banjo. She’s acclaimed as one of today’s finest progressive banjo players, but you rarely find her in a conventional bluegrass setting. Instead, she’s known for leading an ensemble that successfully marries a broad array of roots-influenced music: folk, jazz, Celtic, and Latin.

With her new Compass Records project, The Song of the Banjo, the Grammy Award–winning musician/composer/producer/entrepreneur plants another flag in her ongoing journey of sonic exploration.

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