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Exemplifying a consistency that is unusual in bands of their type, Blue Highway have become a touchstone in contemporary bluegrass.


Highly esteemed bluegrass band Blue Highway has earned a collective twenty-seven International Bluegrass Music (IBMA) Awards, six Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA) Awards, and one Dove Award, plus three Grammy nominations as a band. As momentum continues to build for the powerhouse band (2019 is their twenty-fifth year touring, with four of the original members), Blue Highway is rolling on with a rich legacy, carried on by three powerhouse songwriters and vocalists in Tim Stafford, Wayne Taylor, and Shawn Lane, whose harmonies soar over the dynamic banjo of Jason Burleson and the tasteful dobro of Gary Hultman.

Blue Highway has been praised by peers, fans, and media alike, with one of the most powerful descriptions of the bluegrass supergroup shared by Country Standard Time:

“Wayne Taylor sings with the emotion of a man who escaped the coal mines and ain’t planning on going back. Tim Stafford continues to craft songs with depth. . . . The instrumentation is perfect. From the get go, Jason Burleson opens with the unique style that defines Blue Highway banjo. . . . Shawn Lane exemplifies modern mandolin yet nods to the Monroe legacy. Three lead singers . . . rich harmony . . . songs of forgotten homeless veterans, fallen heroes, and heartbroken families. Blue Highway personifies modern acoustic music with respect for tradition. Highly recommended, highly respected.”

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