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For Candy Dulfer, arguably the most commercially successful female saxophonist ever, the answer seems to include first-rate musicianship combined with a healthy dose of stage presence.

—All About Jazz

Dulfer makes it clear she’s not messing around.

—All About Jazz

Probably the only musician to have worked with Prince, Pink Floyd, Beyoncé and Van Morrison, this Dutch sax player obviously has the chops to fit in anywhere.

Krakow Post

Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer continues to push boundaries with the release of her new album Together. The album was inspired by all that’s great in jazz, disco, soul, dance, and R&B, but it is also a contemporary interpretation of what’s happening in music and the world today. Dulfer has created a deeply personal and unique blend of musical genres and influences, bound together by her trademark sound, showcasing her extreme versatility.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over twenty-six years since Dulfer rose to fame with her high-profile collaborations with Dave Stewart (worldwide number one hit “Lily Was Here”) and of course the legendary Prince, whose tongue-in-cheek recommendation (“When I want sax, I call Candy”) in the “Partyman” video made the world sit up and notice the young, glamorous, and talented sax player at his side. Their collaboration continued over the years with many studio sessions, TV show appearances, award show performances (including the Grammy Awards), and concert tours around the globe, and she joined Prince’s NPG band as a permanent member for his record-shattering Musicology tour and album.

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