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Dakh Daughters


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They are genuinely original, mixing classical minimalism with passionate Ukrainian folk and a touch of ‘freak cabaret,’ delivered with punk energy.


Already well known in Kiev as actresses of the Dakh theater, the Dakh Daughters occupy neutral ground between musical and dramatic art in an experimentally creative space. Song lyrics of these semi-fairytale fairies are based on classical Ukrainian poetry, works of Nobel Prize winners, their own works, and fragments of popular hits of the past. Together with their audience, they create rock operas, demonstrating the desire not only to find new forms of popular music but also to develop the context needed for today’s world. Drawing on their experiences, the Dakh Daughters easily manipulate the emotions in the audience, changing the rhythm from slow to fast to pause in just the right places at the right time. Being one with the rhythm of time, enjoying the creative moment, and accumulating their own energy, the Dakh Daughters develop a space of enormous love around them, breaking the walls of boring routines.

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