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Americana and Folk

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Celebrated singer-songwriter Joe Purdy is more aptly described as a troubadour. The term, as archaic as it may seem, refers to the idea of a communicator of folklore through song, one who travels and tells stories using the effective medium of music.

Purdy understands that his own live music tradition has as much to do with commanding captivated, pin-drop silence as it does prompting roars—which it most definitely has—because in those hushed moments, a solemn and crystal-clear voice, the resonance of acoustic guitar strings into the reverberant din of a music hall, his stories are being heard. It is a pure experience. It’s about Purdy and his audience.

This direct communication with his fans has, year after year, album after album, translated from the stage to the further dissemination of his folklore. Purdy has chosen to release his albums on his own independent label, Mudtown Crier Records, and with the help of national TV placements and that constant conversation with a strong and ever-growing fan base, he has been able to sell a staggering one million direct track downloads in the United States on iTunes without ever signing to a label.

Purdy isn’t the social media made artist we are used to seeing nowadays. He writes about the life he lives and the things he is moved by, and if no one ever hears it, he probably wouldn’t care. That genuine vulnerability is what people love about him.

—National Rock Review

In an over-processed world, Purdy’s tunes are a return to simpler pleasures.

Washington Post

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