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Keiko Matsui


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Keiko Matsui is appreciated not just as an artist but as a humanitarian. She dedicates every song she writes to causes that move her.


One of the most creative and humanitarian artists around. Inspiration comes to her as easily as breathing.


Internationally acclaimed and celebrated pianist, composer, and humanitarian Keiko Matsui marks the thirtieth anniversary of her recording debut with Journey to the Heart. Matsui continues to find inspiration reinventing her sound and ensemble, embarking on a new chapter.

“My melodies are my living testimony,” declares Matsui. A world citizen, Matsui’s music speaks to the hearts and souls of fans around the world, transcending borders and building bridges among people who share a common appreciation of honest artistry and cultural exchange. “Music creates a oneness,” says the striking, petite powerhouse who has worked alongside everyone from Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder to Hugh Masekela and Bob James. “Journey to the Heart is my gift to my fans. I want to deliver the most beautiful and emotional experience.” Matsui, who has lent her voice to raise awareness for such causes as The Daniel Pearl Foundation and the Susan G. Komen Foundation says, “I feel the world is getting crazier and we need to collectively go back and recall what connects us all . . . our spirits, hearts, and our souls.” On Journey to the Heart, Matsui more than delivers what she has come to be loved for: breathtakingly beautiful, transcendent melodies that transport the listener. A master storyteller, Keiko Matsui crafts passionate and emotive songs with lush harmonies and global rhythms to create timeless musical anthems.

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