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MusicaNova Orchestra: The Mystical Muse—Cycles of Inspiration and Hope


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Akshaya Avril Tucker, MusicaNova Composition Fellow, Songs for Soprano, Hindustani Singer, and Sinfonietta (Arizona Premiere)
Edmund Rubbra, Viola Concerto in A Major, op. 75; Graham Cohen, viola soloist (Arizona Premiere)
César Franck, Symphony in D Minor

Devotion and faith, no matter the source, have always driven the arts. MusicaNova presents three works that beautifully reflect the fusion of spiritual and secular inspiration.

The exquisite selections on this program were inspired by an array of sources. Akshaya Avril Tucker blends Western and South Indian music in a way never heard before. Edmund Rubbra was a devout Catholic and devotee of the mystic and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. César Franck was just as devout but was inspired to write secular music by the charms of Eros.

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