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Nicholas David

Soul, R&B, and Funk

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Reinventing and evolving each song he sings, David gives songs deeply ingrained in pop culture something new and passionate with each performance.

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Nicholas David is a vibrant, dynamic, and multitalented singer-songwriter from Saint Paul, Minnesota. For more than a decade, David has composed alternative soul music that connects with people worldwide on a deeply human level. Prior to his unforgettable 2012 run with Team CeeLo on NBC’s The Voice, David had already recorded five critically acclaimed albums, experienced national radio airplay, and participated in multiple charity and collaborative projects. Fans of The Voice were introduced to his soulful and storied career during this time, as he struck a chord with America and finished a fan favorite in the top three.

David’s music is a fully integrative experience, incorporating multiple genres and influences ranging from Prince to Beethoven. His powerful voice, enriching lyrics, and liquid piano playing set him apart and are the reason Skope magazine calls him “an authentic artist of this millennium.” His captivating melodies embody an unbridled passion for music, and his lyrics convey the thoughts of a truly humble, intelligent, and genuine human being. When it comes to his iconic live shows, David is a one-of-a-kind and must-see act. As if channeling inspiration from an outside source, he gives himself over to the music the instant he walks on stage. Fans have even described his performances as a spiritual service that they want to attend. His emotional approach to songwriting and performing is the very reason the thriving Twin Cities music scene affectionately nicknamed him “The Feelin’.”

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