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Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita: Transparent Water


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Sosa is one of the truly illuminated minds of world jazz. He is shaping a new synthesis of Latin and American jazz.


Sosa’s vision of contemporary jazz reaches across every imaginable boundary. He has all the traits necessary to become one of the important figures in jazz.

Los Angeles Times

Sosa’s music is the unifying sort, yoking together Africa and jazz and Latin America and hip-hop. He makes it work, being one of those rare birds whose keyboard skills are near those of Chick Corea and Chucho Valdes.

New York Times

Composer-pianist-bandleader Omar Sosa is one of the most versatile jazz artists on the scene today. His musical trajectory traces the diaspora from Cuba to Africa and Brazil; from Central America to Ecuador’s African-descent communities; from San Francisco and New York to his current home base in Barcelona. True to his Afro-Cuban origins, Sosa fashions a spirited vision of uncompromising artistic generosity that embraces humanity at large. Nominated for six Grammy Awards and twice for the BBC World Music Awards, Sosa entwines the expressive traditions of Africa and the Americas in a unique cosmopolitan voice, articulating a brilliant, joyous, and thoroughly contemporary global jazz idiom.

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