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Sweet Honey in the Rock®

American Traditions

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The sound moves into your heart and pushes it open wider.


Sweet Honey in the Rock® is no mere ‘singing group’—they are an institution through which Black women virtuosos channel their own lives through their voices. Their voices help pull back the curtain on who we are.


Born out of the Civil Rights movement, the a cappella ensemble’s music and message remains timely, sharing love and hope in the process.


Sweet Honey in the Rock® remains among today’s most vibrant, versatile, and ever-relevant musical collectives, both as a performance ensemble and as an ambassadorial African American organization founded on the triumvirate missions of empowerment, education, and entertainment. Currently consisting of members Carol Maillard, Louise Robinson, Nitanju Bolade Casel, Aisha Kahlil, and featured musician Romeir Mendez on upright acoustic bass and electric bass, Sweet Honey in the Rock® is a powerful and unique concert entity that fuses the elastic 360-degree possibilities of the human voice with a theatrical flair that keeps avid audiences returning for more year after year.

The group embraces a wide range of musical genres, including spirituals, blues, folk, gospel, jazz, popular, and world music. They seek to preserve and extend the traditions of African American vocal music, inspiring audiences to find and use their individual and collective voice to address the critical issues of our time, and to celebrate our common humanity.

Kinetic, cultured, and connected, this internationally renowned, Grammy Award–nominated female a cappella quartet has a history of over four decades of distinguished service. They have created a positive, loving, and socially conscious musical message that matters as it pertains to spiritual fortification, and they have consistently taken an activist stance toward making this planet a better place for all.

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