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The Scene’s carefree nature belies their influence; over the years, their music has made an indelible mark on the bluegrass world.

Smithsonian Magazine

Over forty years since they began playing together at weekly jam sessions in Ben Eldridge’s Bethesda, Maryland, basement, the Seldom Scene have become one of the single greatest contributors to the progression of bluegrass while setting a new standard and attracting new audiences to the genre.

Their legendary weekly residencies in the DC area included bluegrass versions of country music, rock, and even classical pop. The band’s popularity soon forced them to play more than once a week—but they continued to maintain their image as being seldom seen, and on several of their early album covers were photographed with the stage lights on only their feet, or with their backs to the camera. The Seldom Scene have performed at the White House many times and continue to tour year-round.

The Seldom Scene are Lou Reid (mandolin/vocals), Dudley Connell (guitar/vocals), Ronnie Simpkins (bass/vocals), Fred Travers (dobro/vocals), and Ron Stewart (banjo/fiddle).

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