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The Sweet Remains


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It’s been a long time since three-part harmonies this lush were yoked to songs as melodically gorgeous as these.

Boston Herald

A melodic brand of coffeehouse pop highlighted by some gorgeous, honey-coated harmonies that bring to mind the Eagles at their mellow best.


The Sweet Remains is the unusual band on today’s music scene to be headed by three gifted singer-songwriters, each of whom contribute to the writing and three-part harmonies that define the band’s sound. They are also the very rare independent band to claim over thirty million Spotify plays worldwide (and counting).

TSR are Rich Price, of Burlington, Vermont; Greg Naughton, of New York City; and Brian Chartrand, of Phoenix, Arizona. Price and Naughton first collaborated on Price’s 2004 Geffen Records debut—a CD that spawned his single “I’m on my way,” featured on the multiplatinum Shrek 2 soundtrack. Hailed by Performing Songwriter magazine as “a magnetic writer and performer,” Naughton has played his music all across this country in venues ranging from New Orleans’s grittiest to the East Room of the White House. Chartrand’s journeys as an internationally touring singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist have taken him from South Hadley, Massachusetts, where he grew up, to Phoenix, Arizona, where he splits his time as a solo artist and front-man of “The Project” and “Live from Laurel Canyon.”

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