Patrick F. Heigl

Brand Manager, Sanderson Lincoln-Ford

Advisory Board

As the brand manager of Sanderson Lincoln-Ford, Patrick Heigl leads and oversees major advertising, marketing, and sales activities of the Sanderson Family’s brands. Heigl also drives Sanderson’s involvement in several charitable community engagement initiatives to promote awareness of the Sanderson Family’s brands as partners in the Arizona community.

Heigl developed a strong passion for music at a young age. During the 1970s and 1980s, he was fulfilling a variety of professional roles in the New York and Los Angeles music industries, ranging from performance to recording and marketing. As a multi-instrumentalist, Heigl performed on the guitar, keyboard, and percussion instruments with several notable artists.

Heigl’s philanthropic interests include the arts, children’s causes, education, and veterans. He serves on the executive board of the Patrick Peterson Foundation for Success, providing at-risk youth in Title I schools with opportunities and resources to reach their full potential by promoting literacy and lifelong love for reading. Heigl also supports Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation’s “Rock the District,” a student music festival raising much-needed funds to support education. Furthermore, he serves the Veterans Heritage Project, connecting students with veterans in their communities and offering the opportunity to learn life skills as well as develop a passion for history, writing, and civics.