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Throughout the year, generous supporters enable MIM to demonstrate the capacity for people all over the world to learn from one another and connect with their cultural heritage through music. After visiting MIM, a guest shared her emotional experience:

Growing up, my grandmother (mom’s mom) would tell stories about her life as a little girl. From what I gathered, she was 2 years old when she immigrated from Sweden with her parents. Back then, they celebrated their cultures behind the scenes solely at home. . . . Today, I know next to nothing about Swedish culture; the intricacies of our culture are still a mystery.

So, to have an experience like the one at [MIM], where almost every country and genre is represented, made it possible for me to trace my heritage through music. . . . Seeing the Swedish instruments not only helped me understand how music influenced my people’s culture, but also connected me to my ancestors.
—Amanda, MIM guest

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