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Sparkling guitar work

Washington Post

One of contemporary jazz’s early superstar acts . . . killer melodies and grooves.

Jazz Monthly

One of the founding fathers of smooth jazz, Acoustic Alchemy has received critical acclaim including three Grammy nominations and has built a reputation for being one of the most exciting live bands in the business.

From their very first album, Red Dust and Spanish Lace, released in 1987, to the current release Thirty Three and a Third, they have spent over three decades defining and refining the sound of instrumental jazz, with hits such as “Mr. Chow,” “Lazeez,” “Flamoco Loco,” “Catalina Kiss,” and “Jamaica Heartbeat.” Acoustic Alchemy’s shows are a perfect combination of virtuosity, musicality, and fun for the fans, featuring a dazzling array of musical genres but all the time keeping their signature acoustic guitar sound to the fore.

For decades, they have been at the forefront of contemporary jazz, even if their signature eclectic mix of styles has meant they have never fit comfortably into any one genre. “We’ve had a lot of labels over the years, at the start there were all these names flying around like new adult contemporary, new-age music, and then it became smooth jazz, but we’ve never really thought about ourselves as being in any one particular genre. We just make music we like,” says Greg Carmichael (guitar). “At the core it’s always been about one simple concept: the sound of the nylon and steel guitars working together, but that leaves a lot of scope for exploring all sorts of musical ideas.”

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