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MusicaNova Orchestra: The Forgotten Symphonies—Unveiling the Romantics


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Mayumi Kimura Meguro, MusicaNova Composition Fellow, “Hana o Tobashite” (Arizona Premiere)
W. A. Mozart, Rondo no. 1 in D Major, K. 485; Angelina Zhang, piano soloist
Carl Reinecke, Symphony no. 2, op. 134, “Håkon Jarl” (American Premiere)
Anton Bruckner, Symphony no. 0, Die Nullte (Arizona Premiere)

Energy. Passion. Expression. Virtuosity. Storytelling. The nineteenth-century Romantic era revolutionized musical composition, dethroning the structures and rules of the old regime. Distinctive musical voices and unique harmonies are at once instantly recognizable and yet radically different from one another as MNO Composition Fellow Mayumi Kimura Meguro combines taiko drumming and her grandmother’s voice, Carl Reinecke recounts the legend of Viking chieftain Håkon Jarl, and MusicaNova recovers Anton Bruckner’s nearly lost “Symphony Zero.”

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