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Projeto Arcomusical Pop-Up Performance


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Experience the sounds of the berimbau (or musical bow) at a “pop-up” performance by Projeto Arcomusical, a world music sextet reimagining this Afro-Brazilian instrument through unique and powerful chamber music.

Berimbaus are closely associated with capoeira, a popular Afro-Brazilian martial art form infused with elements of dance, music, and acrobatics. The instrument’s roots are tied to a diverse family of musical bows found throughout sub-Saharan Africa. In the hands of inspired Latin American musicians such as Naná Vasconcelos (1944–2016) and Ramiro Musotto (1963–2009), the berimbau became a vehicle for the creative exploration of new musical frontiers.

Projeto Arcomusical honors both the tradition and innovation of the berimbau’s past and helps spread the instrument’s message of joy and hope well into the future. Catch this MIM musical moment and become entranced by the berimbau and Projeto Arcomusical. Be sure to stop by the Africa and Latin America galleries while you’re here to spot a few musical bows in MIM’s collection!