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The Bad Plus


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A combustible trio with a book of finely orchestrated, catchy original tunes and a knack for radically reconstituted pop covers.

New York Times

By any standard, jazz or otherwise, it is moving, mighty music . . . bad to the bone, hot players with hard-rock hearts.

Rolling Stone

Since its outset, iconic trio The Bad Plus has dared to be different, challenging all preconceived notions of jazz. Through a provocative style of arrangements and compositions they call “avant-garde populism,” their unique blend of influences, ranging from experimental jazz to indie rock, pop, and classical music has earned this “audacious, rule-breaking jazz trio” (Billboard) a reputation as one of the most universally well-respected bands in jazz today. The intensely collaborative trio has constantly searched for rules to break and boundaries to cross, bridging genres and techniques while exploring the infinite possibilities of three exceptional musicians working in perfect sync.

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