Sharing MIM’s mission with guests

Felecia Clack joined MIM as a volunteer team member last year. Clack is passionate about MIM’s mission and programming and often serves as a gallery guide and a greeter at Signature Events.

Volunteer Team Member Felecia Clack
Why did you decide to start volunteering at MIM?
My father was a musician in the Fifth United States Army Band for over 35 years, thus music has been a part of my life since birth. . . . It is in my DNA. I consider it a privilege to be an emissary of our museum, give back to the community, meet and interact with our guests, and share why music is the language of the soul!

Why did you choose to volunteer as a gallery guide and Signature Event greeter?
I am a people person and enjoy greeting guests with a welcoming smile and letting them know we appreciate them taking time to visit.

What has been your favorite MIM experience so far?
I’ve had many, but the opportunity to serve as an artist liaison for Celebrate the Blues was a favorite MIM experience. I greeted our guests as they arrived. It was wonderful to see our guests singing along with the artists, tapping their feet, clapping their hands—and a few were even dancing in the theater lobby to the beat of the incredible sounds of the blues.

How do guests respond to the museum?
Our guests love our museum! I look forward to hearing them say “Wow!” when they walk through our doors, especially those who are visiting for the first time.